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Q&C system

Q&C System

  Our factory has implemented the most strict quality control system which monitors every step of production including material, online process, product appearance and performance, to ensure that every piece of plate manufactured is up to standard,In JRT, requirements for QC: scientific, rigorous, impersonal, and detail oriented.

  The company obtained GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001:2007 certificate in November 2008 and ISO9001:2008 certification in January 2012. In addition, enterprise standard Q/VCHD01-2007 is strictly executed throughout the production and operation.

  In our company,QualityCenteris quality supervision and inspection center including researching, analysis and testing. The Center is equipped with theDigitalOutputCenterand three laboratories, with a variety of analytical instruments and 30 sets of laboratory equipment, mainly KODAK TRENDSETTER CTP plate setter, Screen CTP plate setter, three plate processors at home and abroad, and various photographic instrument and exposure meter, with a total value of about 7 million.