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About us

Core Advantages

1. Fast Responsive Capacity Utilization
Our production capacity is expanding as our global customer demand is growing.
And we always run one step ahead – we will make order chart and make full communication. We request to reply customers within 24hours around the world
With three advanced production lines, we are able to supply nearly 1.2million square-meter of printing plate to the world every month.
Customers can focus on their business developments comfortably as there is sufficient capacity backup from JRT. JRT has prepared the capacity for your growth.


2. Natural Reliability
Reliability plays an important role in our daily life and business.
Well friendship, transaction and cooperation benefits all come from a sound reliability between each other.
Today people spend a lot on making and maintaining the reliability.
At JRT reliability is a nature. So it helps our friendship and cooperation with people around the world without spending reliability costs.

The JRT reliability is a natural result of a company of enthusiastic, ethical and professionally-trained true people.


3. Uncompromised Responsibility
Among all the competition advantages, uncompromised responsibility is our most important root of business success and sustenance. It is also the most important reason why people choose JRT.
To take uncompromised responsibility for business and product quality, we record every move and deploy double-confirmation approach in daily operation. We work with the assistance of scientific test and measurement instruments, check the performance with numeral analysis tools, and make better from the previous error.
Get everything certain and responsible - no compromise. Let JRT take the responsibility of future for you.


4. Warm Services
The very unique humanity part of business is the services. Services are essential but usually intangible.
JRT people provide services with sincere attitude and professional knowledge.
Our services turn the cold industrial products transaction into a warm and helpful live cooperation.
Products can be shown on the website, but services can be experienced in real only.
Contact JRT and get the warm services