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SL400 Conventional PS Plate

Brief Introducton
Our Positive PS Plate is a general purpose positive-working conventional plate. It has been an essential material for printers everyday in the years coming along. With the stable quality and performance, it has been well admitted by customer over the world .

1. Matte surface treatment speed up vacuum pump
2. Fast sensitivity
3. Strong developer resistance
4. High impression,stable quality

Technical Specs

Plate characteristics
Plate type Positive-working,conventional film exposure printing
Substrate High-quality grained and anodized aluminum
Compatible Platesetter Iodine-gallium lamp film exposure machine
Exposure Energy 40-60 pulses,32s under 3kw iodine-gallium lamp with 1.2m lamp distance
Plate sizes Standard sheet-fed and web sizes
Gauge 0.15mm, 0.30mm
Resolution (depending on platesetter) 2-98 % at 200 lpi
Run length 80,000 copies dependent on press conditions, not suited for UV inks
Shelf life 24 months
Developer Compatible with all the PS plate developers
Density of Develoer Developer : Water = 1:7
Developing condition 23-25 °C, 25-30s
Safelight Yellow light
Room conditions (T, RH) 18-24 °C (64-75 °F), < 70% RH
Storage conditions The recommended storage conditions are 10-25°C, with 40%-60% humidity. Away from sunlight radiation & direct sunlight, Anti-humidity,Anti-acid & alkali, Pack height no more than 1.5 meters.
Packed in carton with waterproof/lightproof paper and backing paper among the plates to protect them from scraping.
0.15mm, 100sheets/pkt; 0.30mm, 50sheets/pkt