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SV Violet Photopolymer CTP Plate

Brief Introducton
Violet photopolymer ctp plate SV, developed by way of introduction of technology, is applied for high-end daily and newspaper market, it has outstanding advantages such as high sensitivity, long run length and stability.

SV violet CTP plate allows for consistent printing performance with high-quality results for sheet-fed and web printing. The plates and chemicals are compatible with a variety of CTP plate processing systems, configured for either automated or operator-assisted production environments. SV violet CTP plate combines wide exposure latitude with consistent, durable printing that can yield 250,000 impressions (1,000,000 impressions with post baking). In addition, excellent water/ink balance ensures less waste and greater value in the make-ready stage of printing. The scratch-resistant photosensitive coating and excellent printing performance can protect the plate, allowing faster roll-up and less paper waste.

Technical Specs

Plate characteristics
Plate type Negative photopolymer CTP Plate
Substrate Electrolyte graining and anodized Al substrate
Spectral sensitivity 405nm
Hydrophilic intermedium Yes
Color of emulsion Green
Sensitivity 50uj/m2
Resolution 2-98% @175Ipi
Pre-heat 110-135℃
Run length 100,000-200,000 impressions (actual run length may vary according to press conditions)
Clean out Clean gum( suitable with AGFA N95VCF clean gum)
Working condition 21-25℃
Recommended pre-heat temperature 120℃
Brush pressure/speed 300-350g/120-130rpm
Safelight Amber light (YG20)
Shelf life 12 months, under recommended storage conditions
Storage conditions The recommended storage conditions are temperature <30℃,30-70% humidity. Away from sunlight radiation & direct sunlight, Anti-humidity,Anti-acid & alkali, Pack height no more than 1.5 meters.
Packed in carton with waterproof/lightproof paper and backing paper among the plates to protect them from scraping.
0.15mm, 100sheets/pkt; 0.30mm, 50sheets/pkt